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In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, ARSAR Photography will only do outdoor, socially distanced shoots until further notice.


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My goal in pet photography is the same as your goal: to capture your pet’s unique essence. Preserving your pet’s quirks, silly moments, new outfits, curious head tilts, sassy side-eye, and playful cuddles with their favorite toys is what this is all about.

Sara Atkins-ARSAR Photography: Sara Atkins
  • Sara
    Owner & Photographer

    I want to provide you with images that you can look back on fondly. I want you to be able to say, ‘Wow! She really caputred their personality!,” and always remind you of the love your pets have for you.

    Most photographers work hard to get animals to sit still, however, animals are not meant to stay in one position or place for very long. During our session, I will show you what pet photography is all about. You will see that I have the persistence, patience, and willingness to get down and dirty to ensure I get the best out of your furry pal.

    Let’s go on an adventure and visit your favorite sights. Don’t want to go outside? No worries! We can forever remember your pet’s presence at home. Let’s push to go outside the box and capture your pet’s unique essence!

    With love, Sara

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    Client Testimonials


    "Sara is so kind and patient, she will ensure that she is capturing photos that you are wanting. Her editing of the photos is excellent and truly makes a beautiful memory for a lifetime."

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    "Sara was willing to have patience and wait for the right moments to capture where our dogs' personalities would really shine through!"

    Sara Atkins-ARSAR Photography-Omaha: Fin


    "Sara took pictures of my corgi, Fin, and they turned out amazing! He looked so majestic! It was exactly what I wanted."


    "Sara has a natural way with animals and was able to take some amazing pictures of Chloe. I couldn't be happier with the kindness, quality, and professionalism exhibited by ARSAR Photography."

    Client Testimonials

    Sara Atkins-ARSAR Photography-Omaha: Gibbs


    "Sara is such a joy to work with! We could see her love for animals from the minute she stepped into our home. She was so willing and anxious to try anything and everything to get the perfect picture."


    "ARSAR is wonderful with pets! Sara has the patience to get the best shots. We love how she captured our dog's personality."


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