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Unique Essence.



My goal in pet photography is the same as your goal: to capture your pet’s unique essence. Preserving your pet’s quirks, silly moments, new outfits, curious head tilts, sassy side-eye, and playful cuddles with their favorite toys is what this is all about.

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I want to provide you with images that you can look back on fondly. I want you to be able to say, ‘Wow! She really caputred their personality!,” and always remind you of the love your pets have for you.

Most photographers work hard to get animals to sit still, however, animals are not meant to stay in one position or place for very long. During our session, I will show you what pet photography is all about. You will see that I have the persistence, patience, and willingness to get down and dirty to ensure I get the best out of your furry pal.

Let’s go on an adventure and visit your favorite sights. Don’t want to go outside? No worries! We can forever remember your pet’s presence at home. Let’s push to go outside the box and capture your pet’s unique essence!

With love, Sara

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Pricing and Packages

Session Fees? None

other than what your dog can do.

There are no tricks here –

Your non-refundable deposit goes straight toward your session.


How does it work?

First, we will meet up so I can meet your dog.

I want to knowwhat it is that you love about them.

I want to know how your furry pal has changed your life

Everyone has a unique story and bond

Worried about the leash?

Technology can help!

Are you worried your dog won’t sit still or or won't do well off the leash?

We have a plan to tackle all of your concerns and worries.

Have no fear! Technology can help!

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Custom Portrait

*$500 per image (post-production)

*Must purchase wall art (Starting at $200)

Charlie Package

10 Social Meda Watermarked Images
3 Print Quality Images (Post-production leash and blemish removal, and no watermark)

*Additional Print and Social Media Images available for purchase


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